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Ergonic Medical Training (EMT)

ERGONIC® Medical Training Concept

ERGONIC® Medical Training (EMT) is a comprehensive, unique and timeless full-body training that was developed in ERGONIC® Physiotherapy by Markus Friedlin. It differs fundamentally from all other common training concepts.

EMT ® is based on the average movement behavior of modern people, which is mostly characterized by one-sided movements and postures and thus leads to typical movement restrictions and losses - (see blog post " above crossed syndrome " ), which in turn is due to corresponding working conditions ( ergonomics ) be favored.

In addition, the demands on the muscular and cardiac system are often too low, so that disorders in the sense of deconditioning also arise in these systems.

All of these restrictions or adjustments to the movement system take place unconsciously over the years, as most people lack a differentiated and consciously developed body feeling that would act as an actual early warning system ( relaxation ). That is why the training of such a system is specifically integrated in the EMT.

Due to this complexity, learning our training concept is only possible as part of structured courses . These are designed in such a way that increasing complexity is achieved through a logical structure. Our concept is based on three pillars on:

Body knowledge (body knowledge)

Knowledge of the basic laws of movement, anatomy, biomechanics and the training process are absolutely essential. If you want to achieve optimal goals, you have to understand how the human body works. That is why we impart elementary body knowledge in our courses.

Body awareness

As mentioned, this aspect is essential. We attach great importance to the development of a specific sense of body and movement (= kinesthetic sense ). Only when this is developed more and more finely do the movements become meaningful and can be appropriately integrated into individual everyday life. A developed sense of movement is the prerequisite for differentiated self-perception, without which optimal movement is inconceivable.

This is arguably one of the main differences to conventional training. Classic training is all too often carried out far too mechanically. This means that you imitate the given movements and not integrate them into your own body.

Such a development and alienation from one's own body feeling is promoted nowadays by all the technical gadgets with which devices can be equipped. That is why we do not use computer-aided displays on our devices. In our opinion, they are pointless because they do not give a feeling for movement, for the range of movement or for the speed of movement.

Body movement (bodymovement)

Actual movement is of course the main purpose of any workout. As already described in the introduction, the reference to everyday life is crucial in our concept, because only when movements on different levels are related to everyday life do they make sense. All of our training movements can be designed in this direction thanks to a sophisticated range of equipment.

Ergonic concept

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