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Bulgarian Bags

The so-called Bulgarian Bags (BB) were developed in 2005 by the Bulgarian wrestler Ivan Ivanov as a training device. He was inspired by shepherds who loaded their sheep and goats on their shoulders for transport purposes.

The BB are ideal as a training device because you can use them to practice dealing with the so-called “ free mass ”. For all other movements against resistance, the direction of the resistance is given by the device. With the BB, gravity is decisive, but swinging movements of different kinds create other, sometimes random, resistance and force directions that have to be optimally organized in the body. The organization of the middle of the body (core) plays the decisive role.

For these reasons, the execution of the movements places the highest demands on body awareness and coordination.

The Bulgaria Bags are available in 5 versions :

XS (5 kg ), S ( 8 kg ), M ( 12 kg ), L ( 17 kg ) and XL ( 22 kg ).

You can see some examples of the application here:

Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bag

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