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Movement concepts

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Functional Kinetics

Functional Kintecs, formerly FBL Klein-Vogelbach, is THE fundamental and indispensable movement theory par excellence


Spiral stabilization

With the concept of spiral stabilization, muscular imbalances are specifically balanced out while sitting, standing or kneeling. It is the only system that works exclusively in the vertical position.

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Stuart McGill is a biomechanics professor and has dealt intensively with the pathology of the intervertebral discs and based on this has developed an exercise concept for targeted spinal stabilization

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Segmentale Stabilisation

Dieses Konzept wurde von australischen Physiotherapeuten um Paul Hodges herum erarbeitet. Es bildet eine Basis einer systematischen Reedukation bei Low Back Pain

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The Gyrotonic exercise system uses three-dimensional movement patterns against constant resistance to mobilize all joints

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Pilates, or rather CONTROLOGY, is an outdated concept from our point of view. - see Pilates for what . We only use the Universal Reformer as a training device

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Shirley Sahrmann is one of the world's leading experts in questions about disturbed movement patterns in humans. In her book "Diagnosis and Treatment of MIS" all relevant problems are discussed.

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