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Polestar Pilates

Josef Hubertus Pilates (1883 - 1967), whose exercise system has become popular around the world under his name as Pilates, developed it about 100 years ago. On the one hand, exercises are performed in the classic way on the floor, on the other hand, Pilates has also developed some devices that can be used for therapeutic purposes.

In our range we use the Studio Reformer, which is an ideal addition to the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

We mainly use the Studio Reformer for rehabilitation, as passive manual mobilizations and active movements can be combined with easily adjustable resistance. This makes the transition to normal movement sequences easier.

More complex forms of movement are very demanding and must therefore be learned systematically under supervision. Compared to the Gyrotonic system, the movements here are more linear and lack a certain flow of movements.

You can see historical film footage showing J. Pilates with a student here. Again, this style of instruction cannot necessarily be described as gentle. From our point of view we would not even allow a number of movements to be carried out at all.

We use this device as a supplement to other devices . Its advantage lies in the ease with which the resistances can be adjusted and in the variety of possible exercises that can now be performed with the reformer instead of the floor exercises.

The Pilates concept is not without its problems. Read the blog post Pilates - why? considered.

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